Best places to celebrate Christmas

If you are planning for a Christmas and new year celebration. And searching the best place for a grand celebration. In this article, we will give you information about the best places to celebrate Christmas Eve. These all places give you love and fun. And offer you snowfall covering the land and taste of the cake.

Christmas festival adds a magical moment in your winter. And its the time to say bye bye end of the year, make the plan and get ready for the new year 2019. As you all know Winter is coming. And it’s a time to welcome the winter with the grand  Christmas celebration and new year celebration.

Best places to spend Christmas 

Prague Christmas Celebration


There are 4 main markets in Prague

Old Town Square:

It is the oldest market in Prague. You can see here an official Christmas tree, Art, Craft, Food and Drink. At the back of Jan Hus monument, you can see the kiddies pony-ride area. You can click some pictures in the middle of the square. If you are coming in this market with your children then either keep them yourself or agree to a meeting spot. If you get separate by meeting spot you can easily find them.

Five Star hotel of Prague old town market

1. The Old Town Square Hotel and Residence

2. Grand Hotel Praha

Open: 1st Saturday before December

Close: 6th January

Wenceslas Square:

The lower half of Wenceslas Square is famous as the Prague Christmas Market. The blacksmith is famous for the drink stalls. are you know? There are no Christmas tree attractions but due to a lot of building and street decoration which make this area very attractive and awesome.
1. Hotel Ambassador
2. Hotel Adria
3. Hotel Prague Inn
4. Hotel Jalta
Open: December 2nd
Close: 6th January

Republic Square:

This market gives you a better feeling. In this market very open space and less expansive.this is a small market but you have more space to move around and you can buy anything here at a low price.
Open: last week of November
Close:30th December

Namesti Miru(Peace Square):

This market is close to the Wenceslas Square.there  are lots of local product.
Open: 20th Nov
Close: 24th Dec


Milan, Italy

 Milan, Italy
Milan, Italy

This is the best place for Christmas. It’s also famous for shopping destination in the world. Peoples decorate the Christmas tree in different style.

Piazza Duomo:

There are numbers of markets which is host by this city. This city offers you many things to do in the time of Christmas Eve. Traditional market (Mercatino di Natale, in Piazza Duomo).Here you have many choices of home decors objects, accessories, and gifts.

Piazza Castello:

This place famous for “Saint Ambrose”traditional fair. In this place, you have so many options for food, home decors, small leather goods, and handcrafted goods and jewelry.

Piazza Mercanti:

Basically, Milan is shopping house. This place offers you organic materials and eco-fashion garments. This place famous for Italian arts and Crafts.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg, France

The sparkle of Christmas comes to  Strasbourg, France. If you are planning to enjoy a truly unique Christmas in  Strasbourg, France. So this place offers you such atmosphere, events, and activities where you feel very enthusiastic.
Open: 23 November
Closed: 30 December

Things to do in Strasbourg, France

1. Christmas market, Strasbourg

2. Cathedral Notre Dame

3. Taste of dishes

4. Twinkling light(Christmas Tree)

London, England

London, England
London, England

There are so many things to do in the Christmas. During the holiday, Every street in London city is covered in light and decorated with flowers, bells.

Locations visited-

1. Oxford Street
2. Regent’s Street
3. Carnaby Street
4. Piccadilly Circus
5. Leicester Square
6. Covent Garden
7. Trafalgar Square
8. Somerset House

Things to do in London

1. Admire Christmas Tree
2. Ice Skating
3. Gifts
4. Hogwarts tour
5. Christmas services

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Rovaniemi, Lapland

 Rovaniemi, Lapland
Rovaniemi, Lapland

This place is the hometown of Santa Claus. This place offers you numbers of activity. And charming experiences with Husky Safari, Artkikum, and Reindeer.

Things to do in  Rovaniemi, Lapland

1. Family Husky Safari
2. Northern Lights By Snowmobile
3. Traditions of Christmas
4. Visiting the Real Santa
5. Cross the Arctic Circle Underground
6. Feed a Reindeer
7. Northern Lights at the Artkikum

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria

This place is popular for Christmas celebration trip. And gives you delicious flavors of food and drink. And Christmas markets attract millions of visitors each year.

Things to do in Vienna, Austria

1. Take a photo at Belvedere
2. Visit a Christmas market
3. Drink Weihnachtspunch
4. Listen to an advent concept
5. Take an evening trip around the ring
6. Walk through the Rathauspark
7. Visit a roast chestnut stand
8. Visit the Nativity scenes in St.Peter’s church

Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig, Germany christmas
Leipzig, Germany

Christmas time is the magical and wonderful festival for all. It’s a time when the sparkle of this fest spread all over the world. There are beautiful parks, filled with roses shrubs, squirrels, rabbits and foxes.

Things to do in  Leipzig, Germany

1. Leipzig Market on the Naschmarkt
2. Leipzig  Market in Connewitz
3. Weihnachtsmarkt at Gohlis Palace
4. Leipzig Market at St. Nicholas Church Square
5. The market in the Kupfersaal

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

In the time of Christmas season, Copenhagen is filled with magical Christmas market. And the sparkle of light spread all over Salzburg, Austria. It is an Austria city. And this place surrounded by breathtaking views and historical attractions of Denmark.

Things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark

1. Take a trip to Tivoli
2. Christmas Perch’s
3. Wine at Hotel d’Angleterre
4. Go ice skating
5. Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas tables
6. Lunch at Copenhagen street food
7. Taste at the old factory


Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg, Austria

It is an Austrian city. And this place surrounded by breathtaking views and historical attractions. You can do  shopping in the  Salzburg Christmas Market.

Things to do in Salzburg, Austria

1. The sound of Music tour
2. Salt Mine Tour
3. Kehlsteinhaus tour
4. Hallstatt tour
5. Silent Night Tour
6. Advent at Lake Wolfgang

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place is full of beautiful places. Likes Museum Quarter, The Rijksmuseum etc. Amsterdam is situated in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. If you are coming here for celebrating your Christmas Eve. So this place best for you.

Things to do in Amsterdam, Netherlands

1. Walk on Amsterdam city
2. Bike Tour
3. Canal Cruise
4. ‘De Pijp’neighbourhood tour
5. Albert Cuypmarkt
6. The Vondelpark
7.The Anne Frank House
8. Leidseplein
9. The Red Light District
10. Old Church

The Final Word

Are you doing research for your Christmas trip? Wondering what best wear? What to do? etc etc…Above, In this article, we give you information about the best places to celebrate Christmas. This will definitely help you decide which places to visit in time of Christmas, what things to do and sights to see.

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