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write for us

If you’ve trudged through the world tour, trek in hills, and can weave engaging stories about your tour, we are interested. We are looking for travelers that have love with writing; we want original (plagiarism-free) guides that combine the curiosity and imagination of a child with journalistic grit and dedication to factual precision.

Before submitting your best story, do take a look at some of the Featured Guides and Articles published on our website. This will acquaint you with our kind of writing, and the manner in which we feature our destinations coupled with in-depth facts on things to do, best places in the world, nightlife of cities and hotels.

Read the Guidelines

1. You cannot publish original content anywhere, however, we can discuss your post on your site.
2. You should need to commit one to two quality articles per month with a 3-month commitment.
3. You must have a good command in writing skills.
4. An Article ranges between 700-1200 words and topic based on travel.
5. Post/share the link of your published content on your social network.
6. Provide no less than 2 free pictures applicable to your substance or on the off chance that you have taken from some place at that point give the best possible credit.
7. You are only allowed to place two links to your site in every article. If you want to place them on other platforms we can discuss in it.
8. Please don’t share Affiliate links to other.

How To Share Your Articles?

You can easily contribute your blog content in a separate word file with meta description and image on mentioned below mail id.
Share your article at contact@mediatomo.com

Note: If you don’t follow the guidelines by mistake then your content will be published by admin with removing your author bio.

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