Best national park in Sydney

If you are planning a trip to Sydney, Australia. There are so many national park in Sydney, Australia that you have to visit with your family members and friends. But before going to visit in this trip. You should have to need to know about the best national park in Sydney, Australia because you might get confused about where to visit and which one is best for you. So in this article, we give you the list of the best national park in Sydney, Australia where you can enjoy your trip with adventure and peace.

Royal national park in Sydney

Royal national park in Sydney
Royal national park in Sydney

This is one of the oldest national park in Sydney, Australia after Yellowstone National Park in the United States. There are so many things to do in the  Royal national parks. Like Bundeena drive to Marley walk, Forest path, Hilltop cottage, Karloo walking the track, Lady Carrington Drive, Loftus loop, North era campground, The coast track, Uloola walking the track, Wedding cake rock, and Palm jungle loop track.

Location: Sutherland Shire, Australia
Established Date: 26/04/1879
Park Area: 150.91km2
Entry ticket rate: $12
Open timing: 7 am to 8:30 pm


Karuah National Park

 Karuah National Park in sydney
National Park Karuah

Karuah national park in Sydney is famous all over the world for 4WDing, mountain biking bushwalking, fishing, camping, paddling and picnicking. This park is the best place for picnicking by the water. Enjoy paddling of the boat on the beautiful waters of Karuah River.

Best time to visit

Autumn: You can enjoy the fishing spot in this time.
Spring: You see the beauty of nature in the time of spring. And see how the wildflowers bring the bush to life.
Summer: Enjoy the boat.
Winter: Enjoy the cozy around the campfires on cold winter nightlife and feel happy with family and friends.

Prohibited: Pets not allowed
                   No smoking areas

Location: Australia,NSW

Carrai National Park

Carrai National Park in Sydney
Carrai National Park

This is located on a granite plateau of the North Coast of New South Wales. There are many things to do in Carrai National Park in Sydney, Australia. Like bushwalking, mountain biking,4WD touring and camping.

Best times to visit

Autumn: In the month of April, the atmosphere is still warm and this month is perfect for 4WDing.There should be little rain.
Spring: You can enjoy in the forest where you see the trees flower in spring, tempting foraging birds.

Prohibited: Pets(Not allowed)
                   Smoking(Not allowed)

Established:1 Jan 1999
location: near town Kempsey, New South Wales
Area:104 km square

Mount Jerusalem National Park

Mount Jerusalem National Park in Sydney
Mount Jerusalem National Park

The most famous National Park in Sydney, Australia. And this is also famous for the Hell Hole. The nature fall is really very beautiful and wonderful to behold and well worth the hike to get to it.5km return walk through terrain that is not so much tricky but it can be difficult to find the tail. There are many kinds of things to do. Like go bushwalk, play spotto, and animals views, go geocaching and gorgeous Byron Bay region eats.

Location: New South Wales, Australia
Established Year: 1995
Area: 52Km square

Budawang National Park

Budawang National Park in Sydney
Budawang National Park

This beautiful national park in Sydney which famous as the name of Budawang National Park. Park declared a wildness area with hiking, river rafting, river camping, swimming and scenic views for an awesome trip. The land of this park is full of steep mountains and tall moist forest. This is place is rugged and isolated. Today, this park is best for the nature lover and those tourists which have the interest in the walking, hiking, and camping.

Best times to visit

Autumn: If you want to walk to the top of Mount Budawang.So Autumn is the best season for you. You can see the nice view of covered scenic clouds.
Spring: As the atmosphere warm up, This time best for the take advantage of Long Gully campground.
Winter: You can take the long drive along the western distributor.

Location: Batemans Bay
Established Date: 23 Sep 1977
Area: 237km square

Goonengerry National Park

Goonengerry National Park in Sydney
Goonengerry National Park

If you bird lovers or you want to see the different species of birds. So make a trip to the Goonengerry National Park in Sydney, Australia.The location of this park 600km away from the New South Wales. This park is home of bird species. Due to the isolated location of this could enjoy some horse riding in this park. This the best place for the bird’s lover and as well as for those who want to spend some memorable moments with family and friends. And want to make these memories unforgettable.

Location: 626km northeast of Sydney
Established Year: 1999
Area: 4kmsquare

Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay Walk

Bradleys Head to Chowder in Sydney
Bradleys Head to Chowder

One of the best Bradleys Heads to Chowder Bay Walk national park in Sydney, Australia. This park is not limited to the beaches and the other water sports. The tour of this park from the Bradleys and end to Chowder Bay. In the end, you can see a zoo which dedicated to the local animals of this area. You can enjoy your trip to the opera houses and the harbor. You can visit the zoo in daylight and evening. Millions of tourist come in this park every year. And everyone feels a unique experience from here.

Location: New South Wales, Australia
Established Year:1905
Entry fees: Free
Vehicles Entry: Yes
Opening time: 6 am to 8 pm

Sydney Harbor National Park

Sydney Harbor National Park in Sydney
Sydney Harbour National Park

The national park in Sydney covers a lot of islands in the vicinity. If you are at one of the park’s lookouts during winter. So take a trip to the Sydney Harbor National Park. The beauty of this park gives you a special touch which you never forget. Sydney Harbor National Park is home of swimming spots, bushwalking tracks, picnic areas and many more.

Location: Sydney
Established Date:4/4/1975
Area:3.92 km square

Butterleaf National Park

Butterleaf National Park in Sydney
Butterleaf National Park

This park for old-growth forest and significant areas of mallee woodland and mixed heath on granite outcrops. There are 2 vulnerable plant species and 16 threatened animal species are found in the parks. Butterleaf National Park in Sydney home of flora and fauna. In earlier this park a dumping zone but now it covert into a resting zone.
Location: NSW 2371 Deepwater, Australia
Established year: 1999
Area: 30 km square

Dunggir National Park

Dunggir National Park in Sydney
Dunggir National Park

This National Park in Sydney is a beautiful park. Which is best for scenic driving, picnic, and hiking.The beautiful scene of this park attracts the tourist every year in large number. Dunggir National Park is a small reserve with some awesome view.
Location:382 kilometers northeast of Sydney
Established Year:1997
Area: 25 km square


The list of a national park in Sydney is as diverse as the terrain and traditions of Australia. Each national park is awesome in itself. The breathtaking views of the best national park of Sydney attract the millions of tourist every year. Above in this article, We give you information about the Best national park in Sydney by which you can know which park is best for you. And give you knowledge about the flora, fauna, birds and animal species.

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