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There are numbers of most famous churches in the world, some of them famous for expenses, beautiful structure, and height. A church is the worship place of Christians where the group of Christians peoples gathers for a religious purpose. The church is the symbol of religious dedication and purity. There are many greatest churches in the world which is popular as most expensive churches, biggest, largest and tallest churches. The church building architecture styles and layouts of the tower or dome gave a beautiful identity to the churches in the world.

If you getting bored with your usual activity, so you can travel the world most expensive churches in the world where you feel relax(peace). And we try to do our best, and sometimes we get pretty close. So here is the List of top biggest churches all over the world.

Most famous churches in the world

The biggest church around the world represents the mind-blowing building architecture style and many pure materials. Here largest churches in the world, based on the wall, floor and coverage area of the church building.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Church

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Church ,most famous churches in the world
Church Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Church situated in the Carrer de Mallorca, 401,08013 Barcelona Spain. It comes in the largest Roman Catholic church in Barcelona. And reserve by UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architect of the Roman Catholic church is Antoni Gaudi and it starts building it in 1882. And it is incomplete till today because the original size of this church is so large which means that it takes time to complete. The renovation process of beautiful Sagrada Familia church continues it would never end. It’s certainly one of the most famous churches in the world. 

Sagrada Familia natural view of environment like trees with dancing branches, blowing air give you cool touch. At the base, there is a turtle and the second one is the sign(Symbol) of the balance between sea and land in the world.

#Know Before You Go To Sagrada Familia Barcelona Church

Best time to visit Sagrada Familia church is early morning and late evening.

Early best time to visit Sagrada Familia church is 9 am to 12 pm

Evening best time to visit Sagrada Familia church is from 3 pm to 6 pm

#Sagrada Familia Church Facts

1. Sagrada Familia in the list of most famous churches in the world. Breathtaking architecture of this largest church attracts the millions tourist every year. There are some interesting facts about Sagrada Familia, you must have the need to know about it before visiting.

2. Sagrada Familia church has been under the construction for over a century.

3. It’s taking a long time to build than your thinking.

4. There was a school during the early days of La Sagrada Familia. But now this school an exhibition.

5. Amazing paper sketches of Sagrada Familia Barcelona Church, In the late of 1800s there is no computer to draw its massive architecture.

6. La Sagrada Familia comes in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. It is no longer Cathedral church, in 2010 declared it Basilica.

8. There will be 18 towers in the La Sagrada Familia. 12 tower will represent the apostles and left(means 4) tower will represent the evangelists.

9. Home of Gaudi-Buried in the La Sagrada Familia.

10. Since 1866 when first time Sagrada Familia church start to build.It is the when Associació Espiritual de Devots de Sant Josep founded by Josep Maria Bocabella I Verdaguer.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona expensive church in the world and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Saint Basil’s Cathedral,most famous churches in the world
Saint Basil’s Cathedral

This most famous church in the world located in Moscow, Russia, Located in the heart of the city. Saint Basil’s Cathedral church completed in the time of 1561, the period of Ivan the Terrible. The color of a church is unusual, And it comes in the beautiful churches in the world and it is UNESCO World Heritage site. This church attracts many tourist hearts because it appears in many movies. One of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

You can go to visit this place at 11:00 Am to 5:00 PM.

#St Basil’s cathedral facts

1. There are numbers of Interesting facts about Saint Basil’s Cathedral. In research, we get the most amazing facts of Moscow’s most famous and most visited places St.Basil Cathedral. Marks its 455th birthday, here many interesting facts about the most famous church St. Basil Cathedral that you may not know.

2. The cathedral organized in honor of a legal victory. Ivan’s goal of military domination over a central Russian state gave birth to many conflicts during his reign. In the 1550s, his armies defeated the independent Tatar Khan of Kazan and Astrakhan and the church was built in honor of those victories.

3. Cathedral is a symbol of the heavenly city. According to one theory, the Church is a symbol of heavenly Jerusalem, in other words, the Kingdom of God, whose walls are decorated with precious stones. According to another theory, its architects tried to repeat Constantinople’s Church of St Mary’s Blakernelé, when a Virgin appeared to protect the soldiers from the Sarken army while praying for protection, and from a Saarlen army, the whole Christian world Covered with.

4. The single foundation of Saint Basil’s Cathedral consists the nine chapels.

5. At last only one bell remains in the world famous church. However, only one of all the bells that have been since the cathedral since the 16th century has survived. In 1929, the Soviet authorities ordered that the bronze bell is melted down and according to  Alexei Konovalov. But it was magic of god that a bell was saved there. You can see this bell in the world most famous church Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

#Saint Basil’s Cathedral entry timing

Month Time closed
1/june-24/August 10:00A.M -7:00P.M Wednesday
25/August-3/September 10:00A.M-4:00P.M Wednesday
4/September – 5/November 11:00 A.M. -6:00 P.M open every day
6/November-30 April 11:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M open every day
1/May-31/May 11:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M open every-day
  • First Wednesday  of every month is closed
  • 45 min before close ticket office.

Notre Dame de Paris, Paris, France

Notre Dame de Paris, Paris, France most famous churches in the world
Notre Dame de Paris, Paris, France

In the central Paris world beautiful castles famous as the name of Notre Dame De Paris. This church builds over more than a century in the medieval period, The heart attracting architecture of the church spark the traditional style of medieval. This church in the list of most famous Churches in the World, due to its religious significance. These places attract international artists and architects. There are few beautiful castles around the world. The famous cathedral was built between 1163 and 1345 in the world.

#Notre Dame de Paris facts

1. At first glance, two towers of Notre-Dame appear to be identical twins. Closure test shows that the Northern Tower is actually slightly larger than the South. With all the elements of the cathedral, they were created over time, and show how the cathedral is a collage of architectural tendencies and leadership compared to the outcome of a person’s vision.

2. Build between 12th and 14th centuries, located in the heart of the Paris city.

3. Best time to visit in the world most famous church Notre Dame Cathedral is early morning.

4. 13 million tourists come to see the beauty of this biggest church.

5. Notre-Dame de Paris comes in one of the largest religious churches in the world.

#Notre Dame de Paris entry timing

Month Time
July-August: 10:00AM-5:30PM
July-August: Late night 11 P.M on Fri-Sat
2/Jan-31/March 10:00AM-5:30PM
1/Apirl-30/September 10:00AM-6: 30 PM
1/Oct-31/Dec 10:00AM-5:30PM

St. Peter’s Basilica church

St. Peter’s Basilica church most famous churches in the world
St. Peter’s Basilica church

The famous dome of St. Peter is a unique milestone all over the world, wherever you are in the nearby area. Although the Vatican itself is located in the center of a separate city town for the city of Rome, and easily accessible by public transport including the metro. We have a dedicated page devoted to the Vatican and St. Peter’s Square, on which St Peter’s Basilica dominates. Comes in one of the most famous churches in the world, and Catholic holiest sites in Christendom.

#St Peter’s basilica facts

1. The church you see today is not the original basilica, It’s actually number second. The original St.Peter’s church built in the 4th century by emperor Constantine.

2. It is truth St.Peter buried beneath the basilica.

3. St.Peter’s Basilica one of the holiest Catholic church and it comes one of the two largest churches in the world

4. There is a holy door which is open only in holy years.

#St.peter’s Basilica church ticket fees

  • Entrance fees: Free
  • Top of the Dome Climbing fees:
  • 320 steps from the lift of the terrace:8€
  • And 551 climbing step: 6€

St. Peter’s Basilica is the number one largest church in the world.


Westminster Abbey church

Westminster Abbey church most famous churches in the world
Westminster Abbey church

One of the famous landmarks in London is Westminster Abbey. Each year millions of tourist visit in this greatest church, it is built in the 10th century and today it is the site of UNESCO World Heritage. The Thames river is very near to this most famous church that’s why numbers of tourist come here from all over the world. This church officially popular as the Collegiate Church of st peter at Westminster. Perhaps one of the most famous Churches in the world because it appears in many movies.

#Westminster abbey facts

1. Harrison made the beautiful part at Westminster Abbey.

2. Largest Gothic abbey church in the London city.

3. A statue of a bearded lady is known as Saint Wilgefortis, you can find it the lady chapel of Henry VII.

4. Home of burials poets, writers, and playwrights Charles Dickens so that’s why known as the hub of “Poets Corners”.

5. By Dan Brown’s novel, the Da Vinci make this place more famous and attractive landmarks in the world

#Westminster Abbey church tickets fees

  • £9 tickets price for children  aged between 6-16 years
  • free entry fees for kids age between 0-5years
  • And for 1Adult+ 1kid entry fees is  £21
  • Free entry fees for Wheelchair users and their carers

Ending words:

So, do you want to travel to the most famous churches in the world, which is now the UNESCO World Heritage Site on your next world visit? If yes, then know the first interesting facts about beautiful churches. And the best time to visit during the week is in the morning before the crowds arrive. Apart from that, because the largest church has a lot of history, we recommend taking the biggest churches in the world tour. But unlike other world historic places. There is really a lot of things to do and you want to make sure that you do not miss any hidden things. The most beautiful biggest church in the world is famous all over for structure design and history. In this article, you can see the beauty of the most famous churches in the world.

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