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If you are planning to visit in the hot Summer season. And searching for a place where you can enjoy with your family and friends. So in this article, we have list of water parks in Sydney Australia and  plenty of places to beat the heat across the city and making fun at your holiday vacation or holiday trip. We have the number of facilities which suit all ages, budgets, and tastes. Sydney comes in the warm weather places in the world. And there are so many things do in the Sydney to cool off! Such as fountains, beautiful beaches, splash pools, water parks, and fun sprinkles.

Darling Quarter

Darling Quarter water park in Sydney
Water park Darling Quarter

Comes in one of the best Water parks in Sydney Australia. Darling Quarter is the best experience in Sydney. This park offers you a diverse range of eateries, a variety of entertainment, art projects, exhibitions, and activities. There is a different type of flavor restaurants and cafe you can join according to your taste.

Location: 1-25 Harbour St, Sydney NSW 2000

Open: 24 hours

Ticket: Free Entry(No fees charges)

Season: Open in all the seasons.

Nearest airport: Sydney Airport

Cables aqua park Penrith

Cables aqua park Penrith water park in Sydney australia
Water Park Cables aqua park Penrith

Aquapark offers the runways, inflatable slides, jumping pillows and structure. It is one of the best outdoor and physical activity which you never forget  and the eco-friendly atmosphere of this park make it more attractive

You can celebrate a birthday party, school functions and any events here. They have many part package options which you can choose according to your choice.Offers  Private Aquapark(Water parks in Sydney) from 5 pm to 7 pm for groups of 20 people or more.

Location: Jamison 405 Rd, Penrith NSW 2750 Australia

Open: Wed-Tues(10am to 6pm)

Age limit: 6 years and Up

Time Summer season: 10am to 5pm


Blaxland Riverside Park

Blaxland Riverside water park in Sydney
Water Park Blaxland Riverside

Blaxland Riverside Park is one of the best Water parks in Sydney Australia. It is the home of famous play space spanning three hectares. Which provide a huge range of activities and challenges to all ages of person.

Location: Jamieson St, 2127 Sydney Olympic Park NSW, Australia

Things to do in Park

1. Spas Sauna and Steam Room

2. Pools

3. Splash n Fun

4. Circus Arts Flying Trapeze

5. Mega Mix Circus Workshop

6. AFL – GIANTS Holiday Clinic

7. Fizzics Education – Curious Kids

8. Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning

Pirrama Park

Pirrama Park water park in sydney
Water Park Pirrama

The winds and waters of water parks in Sydney. Pirrama Park is famous for food and wine festival and so many events. Mudgee Food and Wine Festival is one of the main festivals which held in May month every year in this park. Partial fireworks views, no glass, no camping, no pets, no busking not allowed in the park.

open:2pm to 1am

Location: Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont 2009 NSW, Australia

Nearby Attractions

1. Rowland Reserve

2. Boab Boat Hire – Sydney Harbour

3. The East Village Hotel, Balmain

4. James Craig Tall Ship

Putney park

Putney water park in Sydney
Water Park Putney

If you are searching for water parks in Sydney for family gatherings and picnic. So Putney park is a best for you. It is a beautiful park along the Parramatta River. You can enjoy the lovely view of the river, playgrounds and water splash area. Best visit time on a warm day.

Whether your kid fond of playing with sand, water or just some sides. Kids won’t be disappointed.

Location: Pellisier Rd, Putney 2112 NSW, Australia

Open: 24*7 hours

Season: during most of the seasons

Water park attractions

1. Toddler Splash Pool

2. Big Slide (Number 1)

3. Playground Near the River

4. Playground on the Southern End

5. Big Slide (Number 2)

6. Putney Beach

7. Putney Punt


Granville Park

Granville water park in sydney
Water Park Granville

Granville Park is one of the famous water parks in Sydney. It is designed for the water rides.The main attractions of Granville park are ‘tipping buckets that dump 1600l of water in a minute.Park land area is 13.2 hectares. There is a playground next to the water park in Granville Park.

Location: Montrose Avenue, Merrylands, Australia

Ticket:  The water park is free of cost

Season: Open in spring, autumn, and summer season

Jamberoo Action Park

Jamberoo Action Park water park in sydney
Jamberoo Action Park

This park is famous for the water theme park in the Sydney.40 hectares aqua play fun in the Jamberoo Action Park. It is one of the popular water parks in Sydney. This water park is located a few distances away from Sydney. There so many rides which are suitable for the child and as well as adults. You can come to this waterpark to make your holiday more special.And it is a good spot during the summer vacation.

Location: 1215 Jamberoo Rd, Jamberoo  2533 NSW, Australia

Opening hours:24*7 hours

Ticket price: Begins at $59.

Season: Open from September to April

Vera’s Water Garden

Vera’s Water Garden water park in sydney
Vera’s Water Garden

It is one of the magnificent water parks in Sydney which is always hit with kids. Vera’s Water Garden offers the wading pool, run through the water spray and climb over the brightly colored fountain activity which attracts the millions of child as well as adults heart every year.

This water park offers the shaded area and free Wifi by which parents feel comfortable and relax while the kids play.

Opening hours:24*7 hours

Season: Open from September to April

Cathy Freeman Park

Cathy Freeman water park in sydney
Cathy Freeman Park

The Cathy Freeman Park is one of the popular water parks in Sydney Australia.It is situated in the heart of Sydney Olympic Park.There are so many things to do in Sydney water park, Such as Enjoy a picnic trip , Walk, run, Cycling, take your dog for a walk, restaurants, Bars and outdoors games.

Location: Sydney Olympic Park, Australia

Opening Hours: 24*7 hours


James Ruse Reserve Water Playground

James Ruse Reserve Water Playground water park in sydney
James Ruse Reserve Water Playground

This is one of the best water parks in Sydney Australia. James Ruse Reserve has a lot to offer for families and friends.This park offers fantastic water playground, dry playground, park and picnic facilities.Parking facility also available in this park. You can spend a lot of time here over the summer season.This place give you cool and relax feel.

Location: Hassall St, Parramatta  2150 NSW, Australia

Open:24 hours

Ending Words

Water parks in Sydney,Australia is the best park! Whether you are young or young at heart and the attractions of this beautiful water parks suit every member of the family.There are plenty of shades and fun things of water parks in Sydney. Above in this article ,we give you some amazing mind blowing and unlimited summer fun activity for the whole family at water parks in Sydney.

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